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Our Investment Strategy

We have developed and refined a consistent, strategic investment philosophy supported by significant academic research. We believe that a widely diversified portfolio of investments tailored to each client’s unique risk tolerance level and financial goals is key to financial success.

Average Return on Investment

A study conducted by an independent research firm found that the average return of the S&P 500 for the 20-year period ending December 31, 2017, was 7.2% per year. Yet, the average equity investor earned only 5.3%.*

Why? Most individual investors gravitate toward the next “hot” investment and let emotions rule their portfolio. Our approach aims to take the emotion out of investing to capture market returns while minimizing volatility.

*Source: Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior: 2018 QAIB Report” DALBAR, Inc., 2018.

Fee-Only Personal Financial Planning in Lubbock, Texas & Lucas, TX

Our investment program is a fee-only, highly diversified, low-cost, passive investment strategy. We primarily use ETFs and mutual funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors, based on an investment philosophy derived from decades of academic research in financial and market theory.We believe that by investing in various asset classes, using a disciplined approach, the program will provide a reasonable return over the long term while managing risk, which will ultimately result in a sustainable investment strategy.

Disciplined Approach

Green & Deckert’s goal is to help our clients achieve their financial goals by overcoming emotional investing pitfalls. The days of trying to time the markets and chase hot funds and asset classes are over! Instead, we implement a disciplined and well-diversified portfolio that benefits from random asset class movements.

There are four main elements to the program:


Risk Management

Market Returns

Account Aggregation

Our Process

We seek to understand your unique circumstances,

take a fiduciary approach to every client engagement,

and find actionable solutions to help you obtain your goals.

Developing Personal

The personal relationship that we develop with each of our clients starts with an initial meeting to identify your investment objectives and risk tolerance levels. We review our philosophy and investment approach with you so that you fully understand our portfolio management approach. You will complete a risk tolerance questionnaire that will become the basis for discussing the allocation of various asset classes within your portfolio.

Ongoing Financial Planning

Your personal needs will guide the content and breadth of each session during the next few meetings.

Your estate planning and risk management needs

Discuss retirement accumulation or distribution planning

Evaluate educational funding needs

Review your tax situation

Go over any other items we identify in the initial meeting as being critical to your financial success

If you own a closely held business, we may also discuss business succession planning strategies. We may run a financial projection to evaluate the feasibility of attaining your goals. With your permission and when appropriate, we may also consult your other professionals, including attorneys and CPAs.

Setting Your Plan
Into Motion

Once you select an allocation, we put together an implementation plan that will coordinate your portfolio’s investment between qualified (tax-advantaged) assets and non-qualified assets to maximize tax efficiency. Doing so can substantially increase the after-tax growth of your portfolio. The topics we address during our time with you vary depending on your unique needs and situation. Our clients hire us because we have the experience to know what questions to ask and when to take action.

Ongoing Rebalancing
and Asset Custody

Our strategy includes enhanced rebalancing of your portfolio to ensure you do not veer too far from the initial allocation per agreement. This strategy ensures that your portfolio risk is consistent with your risk tolerance and financial goals. Additionally, your assets are held at a reputable third-party custodian. This custodian furnishes independent monthly reports so that you can feel confident about the safe handling of your money.

Our team

Greg Deckert



Master of Science Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University

Master of Business Administration, Texas Tech University

Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting, Texas Tech University

Professional Designations, Licenses, and Exams

Certified Public Accountant

Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner

Enrolled Agent

Notary Public for the State of Texas

Brad Green



Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting, Texas Tech University

Accounting, Texas Tech University

Professional Designations, Licenses, and Exams

Certified Public Accountant

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